Michael Somos

Welcome to my humble home page. I am Michael Somos and I am interested in information, especially about mathematics, and computing. I was a prolific contributor to the OEIS. I am a member of StackExchange. I am a Visiting Scholar at the Catholic University of America. A partial index of my webspace is available.

I came up with the family of Somos sequences. This evolved into my polynomial sequence versions of classical elliptic functions in my WXYZ Math Project. My recent mathematical work is in the Elliptic Realm such as my essay A Multisection of q-series and takes much inspiration from Srinivasa Ramanujan. My former Dedekind Eta Function Product Identities website had over 6300 identities. That website last version is saved at the Wayback Machine. My Special Algebraic Identities list has over 700 identities. I am studying Mock modular forms.

I came up with Somos Polynomials and have done some work with rational triangles and number walls.

Finally, I am not related to a Michael Somos in Greece, somos.com , somos.org , DSM Somos , Somos series , or SOMOS Service Order Messaging Open Specification.

Last Updated Sep 07 2022
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